Icaraï de Amontada , northeast brazilian pearl

sunset on icarai beach
coconuts trees on the icarai beach
fishers sail boats

Icaraï de Amontada is a small typical fishermen village located in a gold sand bay .

This village is lined with high coconuts palms

The coming and going of fishermen , on their wood sailing boats , offer you a wonderfull show all day along !

Windsurfers and kitesurfers take pleasure with a high regular wind on bump and jump water and secret surfing spot .

front loop by Laurent
Laurent surf the wave
nice and good looking brazilian girl

The   26° / 28 °c   of the sea give to others a great time about swimming too....!

body boards on the wave
the large icarai beach

We are able to walk on the 6 km long bay

400 kind people of village offer local products sold in grocer shops ( opened early in the morning ). .

the life is life.....

Local typical restaurants and bars would be pleased to welcome you.

one road of the village
Icarai houses
little shop in icarai
old nice brazilian man
donkey on the beach
taxi beef on the beach
one natural transport
other natural transport
taxi for two

You could see old traditional means of transports : back of donkey , by horses or on beef cart ...!

sand dunes

      Behind Icarai , high gold sand dunes will inspire you serenity and quietness .

typical brazilian monkey

Fauna and flora

relax time on the sand dunes
marvellous sand dunes
beautiful flowers
trees in flowers