Activities proposed by the clubs

With wind all the days , why to propose others activities than windsurfing or kitesurfing ...?

      Because Icarai de Amontada is also a quiet typical place where you can spend nice holidays without practice windsurfing or kitesurfing !

people go to the sand dunes
practice sandboard on the dunes
katy practice sandboard on the dunes
people go to the sand dunes
marvelous sand dunes

Sandboards on wonderful dunes !

surf on the wave
katy practice bodyboard
brazilian girl practice bodyboard
surf on the sunset

Surf and bodyboard

       Trips on wood fishing sailing boats....!

fishers sail boats
baracuda fish
one brazilian fisherman

Moitas , neighbouring village and its river "Aracati-açu" .There is a nice water plan on the mouth of this river !

trinking and eating on the rio side
preparing materials before going Moitas beach
Laurent and Jean Michel are preparing the boards and sails
going to the moitas beach
the rio of Moitas

and trips to sweet water lake....etc....etc....etc !